Relational databases projects not loading


I’ve just got to the relational database course in the curriculum and when I signed in a few days ago it booted up CodeAlly and the virtual machine with no issues.

However, now I’m unable to get past the “Starting virtual server” step.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Steps in previous pinned posts to troubleshoot
  • Deleting cookies
  • Switching browsers
  • Deleting project in CodeAlly and restarting

All to no avail sadly. I’m hesitant to run the projects locally, mainly because it seems like a real faff to get the certification from FCC.

Any tips appreciated.

As an update it is now working for me - I haven’t changed anything else or tried any further actions.

Scratch that, I got to the celestial bodies database and it’s no longer working. A little bit frustrating when you set time aside in the evening only for the course not to load.

Sounds like an outage:

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