Relational DB prerequisites, prior knowledge, your experience, learning path

I saw an awesome 13:38 minute video on fcc/news post going through RDB curriculum and would like to ask some questions to get your views and opinions about the subject.

  • I’m probably not the first to ask how was your learning path?
  • What was your prior knowledge and background?
  • What did you struggle with most?
  • Would you do it differently if you start again? If yes, what and why?

Here I’m aiming at seniors as well as fresh students that entered this field of Relation DB.
For last year + some mounts, I’m learning basics in IT on Udemy, YT, and THM platforms and find myself occasionally dealing with the code so for the last few mounts I switched to fcc to learn more. Recently I have finished Legacy Responsive Web Design and a couple of projects and now switched to doing it again with a new curriculum. Repetition is the backbone of learning :smiley:
Mostly why I find interesting RDB is bc it has Linux and servers included, and I like how the Linux system operates.
Please share your thoughts and experiences.

ps-I’m not quite sure if this Career Advice subforum subject so I put it here