Reliable Web Host for a Web App

What are your recommendations for a good (and reliable) web host for a PHP web app. I am looking at SiteGround, Hostgator, A2 Hosting and GreenGeeks. And based on the reviews I read online, I was thinking to shortlist A2. I am not too sure about online reviews so am looking for second opinions. Have you tried A2? Do you have any other providers that you would want to recommend? My primary concern is reliability.

I have not tried nor heard of A2, but You can try They offer Web Hosting, and Serverless Function which uses the Backend HTTP/PHP language to handle back-end. They also offer paid domain name. I’ve used them, and they’re reliable. You can use frameworks and other stuff. It has support with Git, so it will publish your repositories right after you push. It’s really great, I’d recommend you to at least check it out.