Remade my portfolio! Any thoughts?

I’m going to start applying for jobs and I felt that my portfolio was in desperate need of an overhaul. What are your thoughts? I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Here is my old portfolio for comparison:
Also, should I add my portfolio to my portfolio? This is the only major project I’ve done with the EJS templating engine, and I’ve listed it as one of my skills.

The use of gray in your portfolio is great in Simon project, original portfolio, contact list and nightowls. The rest of your projects you may want to change the color scheme a little. My understanding of color theory is the color gray gives your eyes a rest and means the material is not that important. In your new portfolio every section sub-heading is gray. So it’s not clear to the reader that it’s important.
I’m no expert at color theory. So check out color theory for programmers for ideas on how to add color to some of your projects.
Also, devicons can be used in your technical skills section.
Good luck on your job hunt!!


I never really thought about that before, I’ll check this out thanks!
Also I’ve been looking everywhere for these icons but I had no idea what they were called. Thanks a lot!!

Hey Chivy!

Here are some particularly cool portfolios I’ve noticed since starting up with FCC:

Some of them are pretty crazy, but I hope they might give you some inspiration!

To be honest, I think I prefer the layout / stylisation of your first portfolio, but the content of your new portfolio is much better. You first portfolio just seems to be super clean and clear.

Here are some things I think you could improve in your new portfolio:

  • The spacing. Between the white container and your content, maybe on the top and at the bottom. Some text is horizontally centered in their containers, but not vertically. Maybe you could experiment with a little more padding?
  • The containers surrounding your headings are a little bit confusing, they look like buttons man!
  • Your skill set looked way better with the Iconography! some of the color combinations you’ve got at the moment make them hard to read (eg. dark purple + black).

Good luck with your job hunt buddy!


I really appreciate the feedback, thank you! I’m just noticing those headings, they really do look more like buttons. And about the iconography, for the old portfolio, I used pngs from various sites and it sort of resulted in a bit of a mess size wise. But like @Reggie01 said, I could use devicons, which I’ve trying to find the name for for ages.
Thanks a lot!

Ok so I have updated my portfolio.

  • I added devicons which really pop out more than what I previously had.
  • I completely changed the color scheme of the random quote generator.
  • Extra padding was added to all 3 containers, and the title backgrounds were changed

Wow the portfolios @AllanPooley suggested you look at are amazing!!

I looked at the sites and noticed none of their sub-headings have containers with background color. You can drop the background-color of your sub-headings. Look at and for examples.

Another trend I noticed is that when they have busy backgrounds they only have text in the foreground. Look at sections with red in background. Only breaks away from this trend. On this site they have a small white diamond in the foreground. The diamond is small enough not to take away from the picture. If you click on the diamond the modal comes up. The modal takes up most of the space. Therefore, I would make your containers much larger on each page.

Lastly, I would play around with different google fonts. Try some of the fonts that are used in the portfolios posted above and see if you like any of them.

I like the changes you have made so far. Keep slightly improving your portfolio.

Made some more updates to my portfolio!
-the most significant change was the about me section. I have redesigned it to look like a code editor, and added a function that would simulate me typing it out real time.
-I’ve also removed the underline from the project titles.