Remade the portfolio before claiming the Front-End certificate

Here is my portfolio on Github Pages. I would really appreciate if you point out bugs, typos or anything bad that I did.


the best i’ve seen so far…by a lot! well done.


thank you! it means a lot!

The portfolio looks great. I quite liked your calculator. The pomodoro timer looks good to. The weather app, however doesn’t work, all I get is a blank white page. Congrats on earning the Frong End certificate! :slight_smile:

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weather app work just fine.
have you tried to open it in a new window ?

the weather app was tricky. It sometimes doesn’t work, mostly because chrome doesn’t like http requests so I found a workaround, but thank you for the feedback!

OK, I opened it in Firefox this time and it worked. I noticed it only shows the country but not the city. Was that intentional?

at the time I was in a location the api didn’t represent very well so I decided on only showing the country

Very nice portfolio. Perhaps you could have another look at your calculator:

  • It fails when I try to calculate percentages.

  • It also doesn’t meet the following user story:

I can keep chaining mathematical operations together until I hit the equal button, and the calculator will tell me the correct output.

Thank you so much for the feedback! Now, could you tell me the expression used that caused the bug and the expected output?

Great portfolio.!! One of the best I have seen!! Great Job!! :clap:

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I would suggest you to improve calculator. For example when you do operation on two numbers then press equal sign it gives an answer, but when you press equal sign again it writes undefined when in my opinion it should do another operation

thank you! I will work on it as soon as possible

I don’t have a clue how to calculate percentages with your calculator. I think it should calculate the percentage of a number, the moment you hit the percentage button, but it doesn’t. I tried it several ways, for example ‘number % =’, but it’s just mot doing it right.

For the second part. @nazimkazim explained what needs more attention.

Keep up the good work. I wish I was as far as you now. :slight_smile:

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Hi there, it looks awesome,
Congrats on earning the Front-End certificate! :slight_smile:
just one litle thing when i open the portfolio in the upper left part of the page i see < / > at the same level as the nav menu.
again congrats on the certificate :slight_smile:

Look great! Nice work.

The weather app worked for me. I also had issues getting mine to work because of the HTTP requests but finally found a workaround. I also found that in some cases I would have to disable ad blocker to view some people’s weather apps.

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In my mind, the < / > is somewhat of a logo and it is supposed to be integrated in the navbar :D. Is this what you meant or do I have it all wrong?

Nice work. You tic tac toe algorithm is off. I have beaten it twice, and instead of registering my win, it takes another turn and then says I lost. I am the X’s and I went first.

I will work on it as soon as I can! thank you!
edit: should be fixed now could you try again?

Nice and tidy. I wish I was so far myself. :slight_smile:

But hey, Contact button is misleading - try to click the buttons one at a time to see what I mean. Plus - put the country-code in front of the phone number, because your webpage is in English this time. :wink: You can work a bit on text formatting in About section - maybe space between the paragraphs and more space between the columns? - and make the links to the project pages open the FULL version, my friend. :slight_smile:

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