Remembering all the info

I am new to freeCodeCamp but am enjoying it immensely. I have been studying a variety of front end languages and am having trouble remembering properties, values, elements and so on. Is it considered ethical to use cheat sheets? Both while studying and also in real life?


and stackoverflow is one of the main places where programmers go to find help

I suggest or the MDN as documentation to consult, and whatever you find googling and you like
this forum to ask for help, and a bit later stackoverflow too


I am constantly Googling stuff. Going back and doing stuff over. Asking questions. Use all the cheat sheets you want :slight_smile:


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It is literally impossible to remember everything. That’s why google and stackoverflow exist.
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Would you find it unethical to look in the manual for your TV if you didn’t remember how some functionality worked?

Learning how to use documentation and searching for answers efficiently is a key skill. That applies to many fields of expertise, especially when highly technical. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. all use documentation/literature to find answers. I’m sure you would agree that it’s better if a doctor looks for an answer, rather than just taking educated guesses.


Thanks. I use both quite often. I use the sheets for smaller things like the proper wording for a css value for example.

Of course. How about while studying and testing?

are you being tested on what you remember or on your ability to solve problems?

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