Remembering code


I will soon start with node, and I’m wondering how people can remember what code to write and what the code does.

Above is an example. Do you always refer to the documentation, know where to refer and understand what everything does? I’m a bit worried that I’m not smart enough to learn node.

In short: The more you understand, the less you have to remember. It’s hard to forget something that you’ve really understood.

When you learn something new, you’ll often refer to the docs because you can’t remember the exact details. That’s totally normal. I kept looking up array methods until I understood them enough, now I don’t need the docs for this anymore and will probably never need them again. Once you’ve deeply understood what each line does, you’ll just write the code without thinking about it much.

Then there’s also stuff that you just have to learn and memorise without really understanding it. My localhost has the address, I’ve seen that sequence of numbers so often that I don’t have to look them up anymore.

As for not being smart enough - yes there are people who aren’t smart enough to code, but it’s unlikely that they’d find themselves in a situation where they’re trying to set up a server with node, so I’m confident there’s no reason for you to worry. Just keep coding :love_you_gesture:


You just keep using it and as you keep using it you’ll look things up less and less. You’ll always be looking something up, but you won’t keep looking the same things up forever. (Except for slice vs splice, because even if you remember you don’t trust your memory.)

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I mean I’m adding “this” to the list. I often log “this” before using it to be sure I’ve got the right object grabbed.

Mine is always and for...of :sweat_smile: