Remembook - personal library management app (with VueJS)

hi everyone !

Remembook is an online app which allows you to make a list of all the books you have to easily retrieve a title you own, remember what you have at any time, be able to give them a grade and note if you have lent a book (and to whom!).

The app is still in development with many features I want to include but is totally functional already. I created it as a good way of practicing my vuejs skills and also because I was tired of using a google drive sheet to keep a list of my books (especially when I was in bookshops and didn’t remember if i already have a book)

I’m using Vuetify to have material design components, vue-ls to handle the saving in the local storage and papaparse to help with the .csv import/export.

I recently managed to implement i18n-vue plugin to make it available in english (I’ll add more languages later). The language is switched automatically on non-french browser but I’m looking into a way to change it manually but the plugin gives me a bit of trouble !

I hope this app could be helpful to you as well and I would love to have feedbacks and comments on how to make it better.

If you are interested in the source code, I’ve put it on GitHub with a MIT licence :