Remote Development Jobs

What are some genuine websites to get remote tech jobs for freshers/experienced in the tech industry?

Traditional job sites usually have filters/tags for remote only jobs. There are also a few job sites specifically for remote jobs. You can google around to find plenty of those. (not linking anything directly so this isn’t just an advertisement post)

There is a larger prevalence of flexible/remote-only jobs due to more companies shifting to at least supporting remote workers in some aspect.

However, this also means these jobs went from a local job with a few applicants to a remote job with a lot of applicants. So “standing out” has gotten harder. Because of that, entry-level remote jobs have gotten even more competitive.

Because of this, if you’re just starting out, I still highly recommend still looking locally first, so you can “get your foot in the door” and gain some experience.

Good luck, keep learning, and keep building :+1:

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Would you mind sharing some important things that one should have or know for getting their first technical job?

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You may try this one It also filters by your location - for example, if you are out of the US it won’t give you US offers etc

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