Remote internships?

Hi everyone!
So here’s the deal: I want to move to Europe, and in order to do so I have to get a visa-sponsored job, which is challenging to say the least since I’m entry level. But I know it’s not impossible, and I won’t give up, so I was wondering: do any of you have any idea if something like “remote internships” are actually a thing? Especially for European companies (I speak a bit of German which is another reason why I want to move to Germany/Austria).
I’m pretty confident with HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript, and I’m getting started with React and Vue. Other skills I have: I have a background in education, writing and translation so I’m very good with comunication skills. I speak Spanish and English fluently, and German and Italian at a basic level. I’m really good at self-learning and I learn really fast. My portfolio is on the works (I need to add some projects I did for FCC) but I’ll have it ready in the next couple weeks, and I’m taking my first steps in contributing to Open Source projects.
I don’t mind it being unpaid since all I really want is the experience to put on my resume, and I can devote 6 months to 1 year to it, until I get a paid job. My main goal is getting a visa sponsored job in Europe, preferably Germany or Austria due to language/personal reasons (lived in Germany for 5 months, have lots of friends and I’m already prety integrated to German life).
Anyway, if you have any advice, suggestion, ideas… please throw them my way! Thanks so much!!