Remote Jobs Entry Level

How important is English in remote jobs and what qualifications should be at the lowest level to getting a job?

Hi @oyekcin, welcome to the forum.
I’m not a native English speaker but I strongly believe that English is extremely important as a developer.
First of all for the communication, especially if you plan to be working with people that don’t speak your own language.
Secondly, but not in order of importance, you’ll need to have a good competence in English in order to find good solutions online to the daily problems you will encounter in your job.

As for the basic qualifications, if you want to get a remote job, you’ll need to show your employers that you are trustworthy, that you already have experience with the kind of job you are taking and that you can efficiently work from remote without having people “hold your hand”.

Also you’ll have to have a constant communication with the rest of your team (both to get updated on the company news/decisions and to update them on your job), and you’ll have to show the progress of your work often in order to not to give the idea that you are slacking off.

As a last note, I don’t know how much experience you have, but if you are at the beginning and if you can, I’d say to not do remote work now. Working with the colleagues around you will give you more chance for growing and improving.