Remote web dev salary

an American company is seeking remote entry level web developers , how much is reasonable hourly wage i should seek from a position like this as beginner?

Hi @freesudani!

I would research junior developer salaries and specify remote positions in the search. You could look through indeed, glassdoor and stackoverflow for starters.

Hope that helps!

Happy coding!

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As it is a remote job, I will recommend you to join it. An entry-level job will help you to polish your skill and building your portfolio.
Entry-level web developers are getting 8 to 15 per hour as per my information.

Why are they not stating the salary band in the job advert? And have you checked entry level salaries for that company (check on Glassdoor or similar)?

More pertinently:

How are they hiring foreign developers directly? Companies hiring entry-level employees from arbitrary foreign countries isn’t a common thing to do. To do so means they must have either have payroll in your country, or they are using a third party agency (which is the entity you would be employed by). If former, what do employees of that company make in your country? If latter, then why is the third party agency not stating the salary?