Remove Whitespace from Start and End Global Flag Requirement

I have been working on removing whitespace challenge and my code was same as the solution but global flag. I don’t understand why we need a global flag there as we get same string without a global flag I appreciate any help. Thank you for your time.

Please provide a link to the challenge and show us the code you’ve tried.

let hello = " Hello, World! ";

let wsRegex = /^(\s+)|(\s+)$/;

let result = hello.replace(wsRegex, “”);


Do you get the same result? Try it with this test code:

console.log('***' + result + '***')
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Thank you so it doesn’t remove the space in the end. But I don’t get why It doesn’t remove the string in the end as we already use $ for that.

The g flag:

The $ marker just asserts what the end of the line to be. It is saying that we want the end of our selection to be there. I’d recommend hopping on a site like regex 101 and messing around with it - I always do that when I have to build regex. Building regex is a pain and is weird (at least to me) but it is also incredibly powerful and elegant.

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I appreciate your help have a nice day, will check it.

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