Remove Whitespace from Start and End - HELP

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I have been stuck on this challenge for too long and have run out of ideas. Could someone give me the correct solution, and then briefly explain why/how the solution works? Thanks!

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let hello = "   Hello, World!  ";
let wsRegex = /^\s*\s*$/; // Change this line
let result = hello.replace(wsRegex,"(\w+)\s(\w+)"); // Change this line

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OK, so you are targeting whitespace at the front with ^\s* and at the back with \s*$ but you have them right next to each other so it will fail if there is anything in between. You need to use the “or” char ("|") to separate them. If you do that and add the global flag (so it doesn’t stop at the first one), that will start working.

But what do you want to replace those with? Do you want to replace them with "(\w+)\s(\w+)"? Or would something else make more sense.


Thanks a ton Kevin, I solved it on my first attempt after reading your hint!

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