Removing the under-line

How do I remove the underline from the link since that is preventing me from proceeding to the other test.


post your whole code (not a screenshot) and a link to the challenge so that we can help you

I understand but the representation is different when I post it. You will not be able to appreciate the issue very well. All i need to do is to remove the underline from the link “” as shown in the screen shot

I don’t know what’s wrong, I am not psychic - what does the challenge asks you to do? (I don’t know what challenge you are doing, I need at least the link to the challenge) what’s your whole code?

also, img is a self closing element, so you can remove the <img> and the </img> - that’s wrong syntax

what do the failing tests say?

is that all the code you have?

You have double <img> tag and only one closing </img> tag.
Try to delete on line 1.

Thank you. it worked.