Link Structure Changed Causing Testing Failure

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I think the newly share link structure with “@” might be the most likely reason why I submitted all the seemingly right answers including this one to be wrong.

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Challenge: Meet the Node console

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do not use that link, use the live app link, the one right above the preview

Nice feedback! Seems there are still some mistakes…

if the test timed out, you need to look at the browser console and see if there are errors

Things are getting really messy. By any chance we have a valet service for me to start off faster?

Hello there,

In general, need to see the browser console of the relevant /learn page, when you click submit.

However, the biggest error is what you are console.logging. Please have a careful look at the instructions.

Hope this helps

Luckily, the problem is solved. Seems not timing out right now. Thank guys!