Live Link Keeps Failing After Every Chai Assertion Tests

Hello. I’m doing Chai Assurance Tests on Personal Library and Issue Tracker. The live link seem to break after every Chai Assurance Tests I do. But if I comment out the NODE_ENV=test in the .env file, the live link is fine. If I uncomment NODE_ENV=test, the live link go broke. I passed all the Chai Tests but the live link breaks before I can submit it on FCC! What am I doing something wrong? This has been happening to me since the Issue Tracker project.

The screenshots are here

Hello there,

Would you mind sharing a link to your project code? It is difficult to help debug without being able to see the code.


Hello, this is the link to the functional test file:

Right now, the live link seems to be working fine but it seems to fail around 5 pm to 7pm Japan Time where I am when it is still night time in the West Coast in the USA. It’s unfortunate because this is the time slot when I’m busy practicing coding after work and if stops working around this time, then I can’t get things done.

That is odd, but, unfortunately, I do not think there is anything we can do from our side about that.

Thanks anyway. The issue is still ongoing and it seems that I’m the only one with this chronic problem. I’ll just have to refresh till it works!

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Hi there,

any updates on this issue? I encounter the same bug.

[UPDATE] I found a workaround. Actually, when the server starts listening to your app(and it’s connected), submit your project on FCC RIGHT AWAY, so that FCC runs the tests while the chai assertion tests are running at the same time. Then you should pass!

(I found this workaround pretty hilarious, but it works).

Yes it’s still an ongoing issue for me. I tried refreshing quickly before the assertion tests finish but I agree it is HILARIOUS that I have to do this to submit to FCC. I can’t wait to NOT work with again. There are so many bugs lol