tasks timing out

So, for some reason my tasks keep timing out when I try to submit them. I’m following the instructions and think I’m doing things correctly. Am I missing something?

By the way, this isn’t urgent. This problem is on an old account and I plan on redoing some of the certifications first.

you will need to provide some infos and maybe a link to the project, right this it is literally impossible to give any advice or help

Give me some time; I’ll get back to this soon, just follow this conversation.

Okay, my project for Managing Packages with Npm - How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package is located at:
I added the author name like I’m supposed to. (I don’t want to share my real name) But for some reason, when I try to submit it, the test just times out.
I know the technology used before was Glitch; the problem may be some error with the transitioning to the new software. Maybe that needs to be fixed
Hope this helps!

the link to your code works better to see what you have done, instead of the live app link

Well, that’s here:

Like I said, I think the error may have to do with something the developers forgot while transitioning the certificate to
Sorry, used the wrong way to post a link last time.

check the browser console in /learn when you are submitting, and also look at the console in wjen you are running your project

Few questions: Can you specify where /lean and the console is? I’m new to the site.

The site, not this site.
Also, /learn, not /lean

open the browser console when you are submitting the link, and see if there errors