Replacing else if statements using switch

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function chainToSwitch(val) {
 var answer = "";
 // Only change code below this line
switch(val) {
   case "bob":
     answer = "Marley";
   case 42:
      answer = "The Answer";
   case 1:
     answer = "There is no #1";
   case 99:
     answer = "Missed me by this much!";
   case 7: 
     answer = "Ate Nine";
     answer = "Default";
 // Only change code above this lin

// Change this value to test
var a = chainToSwitch(2);

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Challenge: Replacing If Else Chains with Switch

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yiu have removed stuff below the line
specifically the return statement
your function as it is always return undefined

You are assigning values to answer but you never return it. You are also not asked to return “Default” but an empty string for the last two tests.

Thanks let me try that