Replacing If Else Chains with Switch - ra

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giving me these errors:

chainToSwitch("bob") should be "Marley"
chainToSwitch(42) should be "The Answer"
chainToSwitch(1) should be "There is no #1"
chainToSwitch(99) should be "Missed me by this much!"
chainToSwitch(7) should be "Ate Nine"

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function chainToSwitch(val) {
  var answer = "";
  // Only change code below this line
  switch (val){
    case 'bob': answer:"Marley";
    case 42: answer:"The Answer";
    case 1: answer:"There is no #1";
    case 99: answer:"Missed me by this much!";
    case 7: answer:"Ate Nine";

  // Only change code above this line  
  return answer;  

// Change this value to test

You are not using the assignment operator (=) to assign a value to your variable, if you have doubts on the assignment operator you can check back on previous challenges

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