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Nope I haven’t yet. I have been busy getting frustrated at the portfolio challenge haha. Where do you typically add your projects to FB?

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To match the example I just put everything into one

and used inline style attributes accordingly (i.e. background-color, padding, border-radius, etc). I tried to not look at the example code. I mostly relied on google and other forums.
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@hnobi, to use your own images I second the GitHub solution recommended by @Alanh168:
How to add pictures from photos folder to code pen

It’s a bit more involved than simply using an image hosting solution but will help you learn GitHub — a useful tool to have in your web dev arsenal.

An added bonus is being able to use GitHub Pages to host your other projects (e.g. Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage). All free, all good.


Here is my very simple and tribute to Mother Teresa.

Your comment and feedback are mostly welcome. :slight_smile:


i fill you should try an online pics i once had that problem to but it accepted d link of the picture, probably from ur fb or google drive

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Hi, I’m really getting frustrated with this tribute page. Can someone please help, it would be most appreciated! This is my tribute page link:

  1. Do i have to work only in html or can I also format/style in CSS(like i did)?

  2. I can’t seem to move the bullet points from the left side of the page to be next to the words.

  3. I don’t feel my photo is properly formatted, should i add a border and change the corner of the photo edges in CSS?

  4. No matter what i do the words in quotation are not falling underneath each other instead of being on straight sentence.


I have problem with my image showing on my CodePen page, I did

img src=“

what to do?

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Can anybody tell me how to center all my text like the way it is shown in the original tribute page?

The closes I could get to is this.

Thanks. Well, seems I misunderstood the task and just tried to reproduce the example :slight_smile:


Hey Printassia,

1- You should work with Html and also CSS like you did.
2- I think it’s because you fucked up something with your img tag, so the is not working and then all the text is centered but the points aren’t. What I suggest here is fixing your imgt ag, you should have img src=“your scr” alt=“your alt” without closing /img (
3- I think your photo is ok
4- I’m not sure I understood what you meant but you should look at “blockquotes” on you might get what you want with the footer tag

Good luck and I hope I helped :slight_smile:

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Hey, use the adress of the image instead you can get it by right clicking on the image and choosing “Copy the image adress”, if you can’t find, here it is :

Hope I helped :slight_smile:


Here’s a link to my Tribute Page - feedback is welcome


Hey thank you for your help! Made a few changes and i figured block quote out :grinning:

Below is the link to my tribute page. Any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:


Nice page,
Just a few notes.

  • Your h3 elements aren’t part of the unordered list so place them before the opening <ul> tag. This way you can style the list without also styling the h3.
  • You forgot to close (}) the style for you body in the css.
  • I like to place very basic styles at the start of my style sheet, so lets say style for basic elements and then in the order in which they appear in the page. Then classes and id’s in the order they appear in the page. For this simple page it doesn’t really matter but when your style is over 500 lines of code having an order will make it easier to find the places where you need/want to change some style.
  • I wouldn’t use text-align center for a bullet list, it mates it harder to read. Same goes for paragraphs. Align left is easier on the eyes, when it comes to reading.

Hope it helps, Andrew

Hey anirudh015,

To center more your text you can try to wrap up your text in a div class row and then a div class col-md-8 col-md-offset-2. This will divide your space into 12 colums and then put your text 2 columns in already. You can play with the number and get col-md-6 and col-md-offset-3 for example also.

Hope you can figure out something :slight_smile:

I finished my first FCC project.


Thanks Chivaa!! It is working very well now!

HI, just got done with mine. Would love some feed back thanks.