Replit - Can't find console in new JS project?

So replit used to jsut be a javascript coding playground, and now it’s a full fledged IDE, which is awesome.

But I want to continue using it just to test out JS functions, it’s where i did most of my FCC JS challenges.

So now I can’t figure out how to just have a plain javascript file with a console. I can copy an old project but that seems a little tedius.

When I open an HTML/CSS/JS project, I can’t find the console anywhere. I’ve checked in tools, and in the 3 dot menu drop down on the right panel.

I’d prefer not to have those extra files and just a single JS file, so if anyone knows how to keep doing that that would be helpful too!

Thank you!

Any tips?

there is a little wrench icon on the far right
click it and toggle the developer tools pane (which has the console there)

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Thank you so much!!!

I also just created my own template from an old project, and it works. Here is the link if anyone wants to use it:

It may not be public yet, and maybe I’m re-inventing the wheel but it makes me happy

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