Replying on solved topics on freeCodeCamp forum

Hello community :handshake:
I got stuck on a coding challenge on Redux course on freeCodeCamp. and I opened freeCodeCamp forum to see existing topics about the challenge.

And I found what I was need. I wanted to thank him (the person who create the topic) but I see this warning:

Is it Allowed to reply by thanking on solved topics?

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Not sure if it’s cool to give a thanks reply on a solved topic but you could always send a direct message instead.

The main idea is I want to thank him by posting the topic because he helped me.
I just want to ask so as not to break the rules of freeCodeCamp forum .

I don’t know the official reason for the new message.
You would have to ask one of the staff members.

But my guess is that it is a way to prevent people from reviving solved posts.

We try to close topics after 6 months of inactivity.
Older inactive posts can attract spammers.

Even though you have good intentions and just want to thank the poster, if a topic is continually reopened with long periods of inactivity in between then it can attract spam.

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Yeah… I think the reason that this exists is just to draw attention to the fact that the question has already been answered. Sometimes people get so excited to answer a question that they don’t look at the whole thread.

Appreciation and positivity are great. I’m sure that the people in the thread would love to know that they’re still helping people. :slight_smile:

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