Request feedback on my visualization

Request feedback on my visualization


Dear campers,

I worked on a data visualization project recently utilizing html, css, d3.js and jQuery.
The data I’ve chosen is from a data set featured on Kaggle.

Here’s my visualization -

I’d greatly appreciate if you could spend some time on my visualization and share your thoughts
on the questions below or suggest changes to improve the visualization.

What do you notice in the visualization?

What questions do you have about the data?

What relationships do you notice?

What do you think is the main takeaway from this visualization?

Is there something you don’t understand in the graphic?

Thanks for your time!


Hey Sharad,

The visualization is pretty cool, love the animation.

Shows good use of d3.js and jQuery. Including the population density infographic with the meteorite data creates an interesting visualization. Presentation looks professional, great choice of palette.

Good job !!


Can you share the Kaggle link where you found the dataset ?


Thank you!

Here’s the link -