Request feedback on my visualization

Dear campers,

I worked on a data visualization project recently utilizing html, css, d3.js and jQuery.
The data I’ve chosen is from a data set featured on Kaggle.

Here’s my visualization -

I’d greatly appreciate if you could spend some time on my visualization and share your thoughts
on the questions below or suggest changes to improve the visualization.

What do you notice in the visualization?

What questions do you have about the data?

What relationships do you notice?

What do you think is the main takeaway from this visualization?

Is there something you don’t understand in the graphic?

Thanks for your time!

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Hi. I like what you are trying - a more interactive version of this project.
It looks professional but I did notice some issues.

  • The animation is quite slow. It takes time for anything to happen, until it rains down meteors every second.
  • At the end the year says “undefined”.
  • The help texts remains on the screen all the time.
  • If I zoom in it always zooms towards the bottom left of the map. Better would be to where I clicked or towards the centre.
  • Clicking on the individual points (meteor strikes) does not give me detail. Only if I mouse over the point does it give more detail.

The data makes sense but I notice because the map you have used is a flat interpretation of a sphere (always difficult), the meteors landing on Antarctica move fast. I noticed that this was not visible in my browser until I went full screen.

I notice that the strikes show up better full screen rather than if the chart is embedded.

From my knowledge of the world, more strikes are found in desert areas than forested areas.

I guess the takeaway is that meteor strikes happen all the time and regularly!