Request for constructive criticism on portfolio

I will be unemployed in 30 days, so I’m rushing to get my portfolio into a viewable state. You could work forever on these things tweaking little things or completely redesigning…but eventually you have to go to war with the army you’ve got.

Would appreciate any feedback on the portfolio. Note: I have intentionally not enabled any links on the contact page.

Nice, I like it! Here are a couple ideas I had when I looked at it:

  1. Contact section is not responsive
  2. Aside from the above, it is responsive, but I don’t like side-by-side elements in responsive, some examples:
  • Home section, the two text sections are very close, it might be easier to read if you put one on top of the other with the ability to scroll down.
  • On the portfolio section, the computer examples are nice, but I can’t understand them on mobile - it just looks like 3 monitors with random colors on it.
  • Again on the expanded portfolio item, You have the phone example right next to the text. It would be much easier to see if you had the text under it, then both could be larger.
  1. On your expanded portfolio item tiles, you have an unnecessary vertical scrollbar that gets in the way

Thank You!

I am obviously not a design expert, so I appreciate the feedback on side-by-side layout. I’ll experiment and see if I can improve there.

I do have media queries for the contact section and it was responsive in my tests…looks like i changed a class name…fixed now.

I haven’t seen the scrollbar on the overlays on chrome/safari/ios. Will need to test more.