Request for feedback on portfolio site!

Hey there,

Looking for any and all feedback on my portfolio/personal site. My objective was to keep it super simple and to the point.

I am still planning to expand project section and add a resume(not sure if that is a typical thing people do?).

But here is a start:

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Your website is very unique the style is amazing by the way, and the site is fully functional for all of the things you put in.

I liked how you made a hover animation for your name.

Is this meant for the project challenge? If so:

User Story: I can access all of the portfolio webpage's content just by scrolling.

It’s missing that.

Otherwise, it’s a functional site.


That’s a very nice site you made here ! I particularly like its vibes
You may want to add a “Home” link next to all the others (it’s a tiny detail yet a bit unhandy) :slight_smile:

Thanks! I saw that animation on some other portfolio site and was able to replicate my version of it. CSS is very interesting!

Good point! I have seen that most people do one page scrolling content and that is certainly what FCC prescribes for the challenge completion. I decided to not do that as aesthetically it was not something that appealed to me, so suppose I will never complete that challenge, haha :smiley:

True! Thanks for the tip!

To be honest, I find that design butt ugly too. I am not planning to actually use that design for my final Portfolio page.

Hey Vaidotas,

I believe we meet before on Slack!

Some feedback on your portfolio site would be to make it all one page. Since your objective is to keep it simple, I would do one page so it makes it easier and faster to view the entire site.

I also believe you can make your name animation a bit more smooth. It currently comes across your initials, but it might look better to come out from your initials. Here’s an example of what I mean.

Other than that everything else looks good. Keep it up and good lucky on the job search!

Thanks man! Good to hear from you. It is funny you mention Scott’s site, I saw that name animation on there and totally tried to replicate it! CSS is pretty fun when you dig into it, I will try and make it smoother!

Thanks again for taking a look and giving me some pointers.

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