Request For Tribute Page Feedback - A Tribute To William Gibson

Hi All, I’ve put off the Responsive Web Design projects for so long because I have a mental resistance to coming up with my own page designs. Recently, I made a commitment to myself to put forth an effort to push back on that mental block and just do it. Here is a link to my tribute page: A Tribute to William Gibson

Did I make any glaring errors? Could I have done something better somewhere? Other suggestions for improvements to the page? Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I have no idea who the heck William Gibson is, but I think it looks great!

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I do know who William Gibson is! one of my favourites!

Nice work, love the colours and the fonts.

I would think a very minor improvement would be some space between the book cover images?

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Writer in the 80’s who coined the terms “Cyberspace” and “The Matrix” (though his Matrix was a bit more … abstract). The sub-genre he helped spawn was later known as “Cyberpunk”.

And I dig the old-school cyberpunk motif of the tribute page. :sunglasses:

The sky was the color of a television set tuned to a dead channel…


Ok, ha ha! Thank you for telling me. :+1: That’s really interesting!

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Fantastic! Better than the official site!

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That looks really good. Thanks for introducing me to William Gibson.

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You’re welcome. I definitely recommend his work. Check it out!

I went back and forth on the spacing on the book cover images. I may be breaking a spacing rule here, but I feel like the tiled images without spacing has a stronger look to it.

I do appreciate your feedback and giving me something to think about though.

Thanks! I was really going for that look. That green for an old-school terminal feel and the reddish-neon glow for that “Ninsei Street/Chiba City” aesthetic. I struggled with the look for a bit and did some experimenting on the layout in the beginning of the project. Learned about CSS shapes and wanted to do this thing where the book images tilted in from the sides but ultimately couldn’t get it to work in all cases (I tweeted about that here if you want a glimpse of what that looked like).

:wink: The animated gif near the end of the page (for larger screen sizes only) is definitely a nod to that opening line.


Looks really good. I’m impressed. I like the use of the dark color scheme which seems to go along with Gibson’s work.

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