Request for Tribute page feedback - Joaquim Salinas

Anny feedback will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Looks good. The only suggestion I would make is that when it shrinks down to a mobile size that you use some padding for the red border around the content so it’s not squished up to the edge of the viewing size.

Ok, I will improve it as soon as possible, thank you very much for the feedback :)!

Hello @Quimsalinas,


  • error

Element “head” is missing a required instance of child element “title”.

From line 1 to line 4:

<link href=",600" rel="stylesheet">
<link href=",500i" rel="stylesheet">

MDN documentation:

Usage notes:
The <title> element is always used within a page’s <head> block.

  • error

Stray end tag “span”.

From line 25 to line 25:

 <li><span class="Year"><strong>1914</strong> -</span>
      Born in Cresco, Iowa</span></li> <!-- the last one -->

  • error

Stray end tag “strong” (the third one).

From line 37 to line 37:

<li><span class="Year"><strong>1983</strong> -</strong> </span><span class="LiText">Helps seven African countries dramatically increase their maize and sorghum yields</span></li>

  • error

Unclosed element “div”.

From line 19 to line 19:

  <div id="tribute-info">
  • error

End tag “section” seen, but there were open elements.
(problably a side effect of the error from line 19)

From line 57 to line 57:


  • info

Section lacks heading. Consider using “h2”-“h6” elements to add identifying headings to all sections.

From line 11 to line 11:


  • info

Consider adding a “lang” attribute to the “html” start tag to declare the language of this document.

cheers and happy codding :slight_smile:

Tools used:
[w3c markdown checker web service] (»-Input-»-POST-body)


Thanks!!! I have fixed most of the errors, but not the one that says: “Section lacks heading. Consider using “h2”-“h6” elements to add identifying headings to all sections.”. I have used section as if it were a div, is not a correct use of section? Thanks a lot for your feedback, your time and showing me that amazing tool!!

I have updated the project and link, thanks for your advices guys!

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I like your color choice and the timeline is really nice. Great!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

MDN documentation:

  • Usage notes:
  • Each <section> should be identified, typically by including a heading ( <h1> - <h6> element) as a child of the <section> element.
  • If it makes sense to separately syndicate the content of a <section> element, use an <article> element instead.
  • Do not use the <section> element as a generic container; this is what <div> is for, especially when the sectioning is only for styling purposes. A rule of thumb is that a section should logically appear in the outline of a document.

Cheers and happy coding

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