[Request Header Parser] glitch didn't show a correct response even though localhost works

Hello! I’m working on Request Header Parser. I have finished my project. It worked fine in my localhost.

Then I uploaded it to Glitch. Then it returned a wrong response. I couldn’t figure it out why it didn’t work on Glitch.

In localhost, it returns
{"ipaddress":"::1","language":"ja","software":"Macintosh Intel macOS 10.12"}

In Glitch, it returns
{"ipaddress":",::ffff:,::ffff:,,::ffff:","language":"ja","software":"Linux Intel"}

My ip address is “”… and OS is “Macintosh Intel macOS 10.12”…

Github repo
Project link

Did anybody have a similar experience? How did you solve it?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Aaayumi,

I went to your endpoint and received the correct information for my browser. Have you since posting fixed this issue?


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Yes, I fixed the issue! I added app.enable('trust proxy'); and modified codes a bit.

Thank you for checking up.