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Dear Fellow FreeCodeCampers

May I ask for some feedback on my CV? I would greatly appreciate it. There is so much more I’d like to say but, at the end of the day, the companies that this CV gets sent to chooses to see me for an interview or not based on the CV only, so I don’t want to write more here about my personal life. I don’t have a chance to make another impression often (I wonder if we are not a bit behind the times here in South Africa…). I would especially appreciate some feedback from someone who works in software or is a team lead. But all suggestions welcome and please be brutally honest. I’m not easily offended.

PS: I’m in my current software position (a hybrid role) by internal transfer. I’d like to work at a place where coding is 80% or more of what I do . Currently it’s 33% if that much.

Link to the CV: Ruan CV.docx - Google Drive

Ruan Huysen

Hi Ruan,

I’ve been working as a Full-Stack Web Developer for 5 years and I’ve also conducted several interviews for the companies that I worked with.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of CVs and I think I can give you some valuable feedback.
I’ll try to make an ordered list so we can easily refer to each point further down in the discussion.

  1. Your picture is not professional. It seems that it has been taken at a party or something like this and your face cannot be fully seen. Try a more professional approach.

  2. Don’t specify for how long you’ve been married and how many kids you have. This aspect may be discussed in a laid-back interview down the road.

  3. “Introduction: Who is Ruan?” - you’re talking about yourself in 3rd person? This is kind of weird. Try a more professional approach like “About me”. This should suffice.

  4. Your “about me” paragraph is waaay too long. Try to keep it simple. Maybe 3-4 sentences.

  5. The Certification and Education sections must be at the end of the CV. Work experience is prior.

  6. Your work experience description is on point. Good job! I like how you emphasized things you’ve accomplished and threw in number and percentages!

  7. The Portofolio section is ok, but it shouldn’t be in the CV. It should be a separate file.

Nice job overall!

Dear Tynael
I hope you are well.
Thank you for your valuable feedback! This is exactly what I wanted: A fresh set of eyes by someone with recruitment experience. I have fixed the CV on all points except the portfolio. I admit that in South Africa I rarely see a place where I can upload a portfolio document when applying for a job, so I’m concerned that my portfolio experience never gets taken into account. I’ll mull over this point a bit more.
Quick question: What do you think of my new photo and “About me” section? What do you think specifically about the last sentence? It’s somewhat personal, but that’s what I’m looking for in a job!
Link: Ruan CV.docx - Google Drive

Ruan Huysen

The new photo is fantastic!

The new “About me” section looks much better now!

The last sentence in the “About me” section can be improved. From my point of view, it sounds kinda selfish. It sounds you want to just improve yourself and not the life of others by implementing quality life-changing software.
Personal development is crucial, don’t get me wrong, but an employer wants to see what you put on the table and what the company can achieve if it hires you.
Your goal should be personal but collective at the same time. It should also provide value to others.

I hope this feedback helps you! Let me know if I can help you with something else :smiley:

I’ve edited it. Thank you again for the comment!

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I don’t have anything close to the experience Tynael has but If I’d suggest a Resume template. I made mine at and I was pretty happy with the way with looked. Oh, and it landed my first job :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Here’s the link to see it.

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