Request upgrade prj Tribute page

I’m working on a tribute page. Personally, I would like to change some request for the project.

  1. Replacing id="main" with <main> will be much awesome.
  2. Replacing id="img-div" with <figure> is should be. (Learner will thank you later, definitely)
  3. (also) Replacing id="img-caption" with <figcaption>.

I don’t see why we should make so many request about id and not a single class attribute request? One id="title" is far from enough.

(I wonder if it’s ok for me to use HTML5 tags. Man, the prj is way too old, sb gotta refresh it :kissing_cat:)

Good points.

You can move its category to contributors instead of project feedback.

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You’ll probably get the most visibility on this by creating a GitHub Issue.

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