Requesting any advice on workflow best practices please :D I am a new self taught programmer all help welcome :D

Hi all. I am a self taught programmer currently focussing on HTML, CSS & JS. I have completed a few of FCC’s courses but quite spiradically!

I want to ask: Does anyone have advice on good workflow practices?

I often find myself bouncing all over the place! I will be coding the nav to be transparent with a matrix style digital clock poking through from behind but I can’t get it to sit in the correct position on mobile and so I start working on making anchor links glow on hover, then I bounce back to working on some of the text content and so on… you get the point.

Does everyone else work like this? Or are there some basic points to follow on a project to maximise work output? I don’t want to keep going in circles you know? I am going to google workflow tips now myself also. But any advice directly from you all, like advice directly from other programmers I think would be very helpful if anyone has got the time please? Thank you in advance, David :smiley:

The most practical way for you is to use youtube tutorials and follow the instructions. You will build some projects and learn a lot that way. Every time you encounter some unclear or unknown topic, browse the Web and find as much as possible about that theme. After a dozen projects done by that approach you will better understand how to creatively and systematically approach the process of building your own projects.

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