Requesting Feedback On Certification Tribute

So I just finished the Tribute Page I’m supposed to make for the first part of my Responsive Web Design certification. It looks nice and passes all 10 auto tests.

I thought I’d show it off first and ask if anyone has any suggestions for last minute edits before I summit it.

Link to the Codepen

Nice to see a tribute to the Gravity Falls creator, and One man show, Alex Hirsch

This is breaking out of the Container at Small widths:

It can be fixed with media queries:
or using a CLAMP:

CLAMP function:

Screenshot 2022-04-06 3.59.59 PM

The text could use a little bit of padding:

Screenshot 2022-04-06 4.00.11 PM


alt="Putting a picture of corn here as a placeholder">
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Thanks for the tips. I forgot I had the alt text as that when I was just setting up the framework.

Clamp didn’t seem to do anything, had to end up using a combination of media query and overflow:hidden for the really small screen sizes. Might go back and try to figure out what was up with clamp some other day.

Try looking at this video:

I hate to get really enthusiastic over a CSS function like the CLAMP … but… This has been working really well, and it can streamline the use of Media Queries.

It took me a little while to figure out, but it’s actually a good function to know.

But did you actually have a picture of corn there, or was this False advertising…

Perhaps this:

Thanks for the video.

Using that corn maze picture would have been funny. But nah, I just googled the first word that came to mind for a placeholder photo to use while I was setting up the tributes framework.

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