Requesting Feedback on Markdown Preview Project

HI all, I’ve completed my markdown editor project, working with React after one year please share your valuable feedback
live link
github link

This looks pretty good. Just a few minor issues.

  • Technically, the textarea should have a <label>. You could hide it if you like but it should be there for accessibility.
  • There are two vertical scrollbars showing on the Editor window when I first load the page.
  • When I increase the font size the Editor and Previewer headings break out of the title bar.
  • The green toggle buttons should be actual <button>s. Right now there is no way to activate these using the keyboard because you are only catching the click event. Changing these to buttons will solve this.

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing your feedback, these are really good points, I’ll update my project with above improvements. Thanks again.