Requesting feedback on my first project: Margaret Hamilton tribute page

Hi all,

I started FCC about a week ago and I just finished the tribute page project. I’m very grateful for the program and the whole community who helped me out when I was stuck.
Here it is:
I’d love to get some feedback, especially to know if there is funky code or things I did the roundabout way. I want to learn to write clean, efficient code.


That’s a great site for a brilliant programmer. I really like the layout, and I always love seeing that picture. I have only a few small criticisms:

  • The bright yellow, blue, and pink are harsh on the eyes. Try toning them down a bit - experiment with color palettes at Adobe Color. I like to use dark grey colors for fonts, myself - try taking one of those brighter colors and making it almost grey, leaving just a hint. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

  • You’ve got some containers nested inside of your container-fluid class. It’s not necessarily bad, but usually it’s not actually doing what you think it is. I tried removing them and the layout didn’t change. I didn’t change the screen size a lot, and maybe you’ve got a specific reason for doing that, but it’s worth looking to see if you can get rid of all the containers inside of the container-fluid.

  • The blue text (“Margaret Hamilton was … may not know”) seems to jut out the right side a bit. I’m not sure how to fix this.

Those are the only things I could find. As far as writing clean code, you did great. Hitting that Tidy button in the upper right corner of you CodePen editors can really help keep things organize. I have a similar command for Sublime Text and use it all the time. Great job and congrats on finishing the first project!

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Thanks for the great tips!!
(and for taking the time)