Requesting feedback on my HTML/CSS personal portfolio page

I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, harsh criticisms, etc. on this…

Is it yet to be made responsive?

It looks great in the large viewport, the animation is what I liked the most :slightly_smiling_face::+1:. It looks creative and cool.

The only thing missing is the responsiveness for small/medium viewport devices. Your layout breaks as viewport size is decreased

suggestion to work on:

  • make the image responsive
  • realigning of the layout using media queries.
  • make use of css grid and css flex box
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Thank you! I will work on this…

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All the best! You took a good start :grinning:…start with one thing at a time,

I disagree, with the positive feedback above. It needs some work.

No breakpoints?? When I open up the inspector window on the right it hides your title. Not responsive?

  1. Nav bar items are right aligned. Should be center or left.

  2. Interesting idea with the type writer holding the title. It doesn’t work well.
    2A. It’s too close to your nav bar.
    2B. Title as image is not accessibility friendly.
    2C. It goes against the grain of common practices. As it is now, with the image, the viewer will not see your title without mental effort. As a designer your job is to reduce mental friction.

  3. the “take a look”
    3A. this text is the first thing my eyes land on. that’s not good. See above.
    3B. It’s not centered in the empty space.
    3C. The onclick is an unncessary functionality, because it sends me like 1/5 of a screen-length down the page.
    3D. The actual implementation of the onclick is bad. as your first item is partly hidden by the nav bar. which brings me to this section.

  4. your portfolio
    4A. No subheading
    4B. need more top padding
    4C. the items are too close to the left.
    4D. Skeumorphic backgrounds were popular on geocities sites in the mid 1990s. Today they are extremely difficult to apply gracefully. Your cauliflower blue goes well with this texture. Goodjob!

  5. Find me – poor name for this, as there is no visual information to tell me that this is your contact section. What is this, Where’s Waldo?
    5A. Your site is showing me “Email Me Poetry” !!! xD !!!

6A. That’s a cute logo! I like the black cat! you should riff on that for your future iterations.

You seem to have the intermediate fundamentals down pretty well. work on breakpoints, alignment, and responsive design. You seem to like visual elements as a designer. I suggest learning how to draw with CSS.

You need to improve your design. It’s rare to see one who can both build sites as well as design them. Look up some good examples, and (this is equally important) some bad examples, and pay close attention to “flow” and visual spacing.