Requesting feedback on my Technical Documentation Page

After what I thought was finished to begin with I felt like I had just a B&W skeleton of a page, so I changed it to look more like an old map / coffee-soaked paper. There are tons of sections full of various Lorem Ipsum passages since I wanted enough sections to be able to completely fill my #navbar to force a scrollbar.

I ran my code through the W3 Markup validator and aside from the expected Warning and Errors caused by CodePen code, the only trouble it reported was that it really wants me to use <h#> elements instead of elements.

For checking the CSS on the W3 validation tool it gave me this error:

65 #navbar Value Error : background too few values for the property linear-gradient )

I couldn’t figure out how to fix that since the syntax for linear-gradient only requires a minimum of two colors and I’m using three, albeit through variables.

I have checked it on Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Chrome for Android (Galaxy S9) and didn’t notice anything glaring, but it’s easy to miss things on your own work. What do you all think?

Thank you!

The provided link is not valid. Getting a 404 error

Hmm odd, thank you for letting me know. How about this link?

@dallasviars, technically it passes the user stories and is responsive.

Filling a page with lorem ipsum is not a good way to practice writing a technical doc. All your sections are basically the same. With the exception of changing “dictum” to “dictum 2” then “dictum 3” then “dictum 4” all of those sections are cut and pastes. You wouldn’t be writing a tech doc like this.
In programming circles, you’ll see a lot of conversation about technical documentation, in reference to explaining an API, library, project contribution, etc. Reading and writing good documentation is an important skill and doing this project about a code related subject gives you a good reason to go do some research about the tools you are learning to use. Maybe HTML or CSS or something else that piques your interest.
You certainly don’t have to but you’d get more out of it.