.require() JavaScript

Hi , i have one question what s The .require() of javascript and Thank you .

Can you elaborate on your question more?

thank you for reply, what is .require () in, javascript

let myModule={
add: function (){
console.log("add module" )


let b

//this==myModule  which is true
	for(let i in this){
         return Object.values(b)[0]
let b=myModule.requires("add")
//add module 

The method requires do the same job which
require method do. This require method is used to import some method from module.
The code i wrote above in which i have a module called myModule . In myModule I have a method called add. I have to invoke my method add.
To invoke add, i can use below code


Here you know that myModule is the variable name which i used to assing the value of object. What if you don’t know the value of variable and you have to import some package from module. Then you have to use . require method

Thank you very match .