Rereading everything after long break waste of time?

I was going through this curriculum for awhlie before I burnt out and didn’t code for about five months.

I initially managed to get through the first three YDKJS books, and I’m wondering if rereading all of them again is a good use of time, or if I’m better off trying to skim them / reading the conclusions. What do you think?

Start building projects and refresh yourself as you go.

I took nearly 8 months off and then dived right back in to my old code bases to fix things and write new stuff. It comes back to you pretty quickly :slight_smile:


Glad to see you’re still around, I remember you gave me advice on other stuff awhile ago :slight_smile:

Going straight into projects sounds like the most fun way but I feel like I won’t recall some harder topics like scopes, closures, and object prototypes.

I’d like to think it’d be like any other type of revision so to speak; if it works for you then it is a good use of time, if it isn’t really working for you then try another way of doing it.

I’m fairly new to coding so I may be wrong in assuming so, but I’ve been in education for a good part of 18 years of my life (school, college, university) and have had to find my own knack of me re-learning things once in a while.

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My advice is to try to pick back up where you left off and go back to read/practice specific things as needed. Accept that you’ll be rusty and will have to search through old material often. In my experience, starting over completely from the beginning just works out being a procrastination technique for avoiding moving forward into the hard and unfamiliar stuff. Go forth boldly!

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Just reread your notes.

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Many self-learners put unrealistic deadlines for themselves and eventually burn out. My advice is: don’t try to be a hero. Missing deadlines is much better than ruining yourself. Keep a steady pace with frequent breaks, do not pump yourself up with caffeine and sugary foods, they hinder concentration.

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That’s good advice but that actually wasn’t the issue for me. I burned out due to a lack of variety, thus my routine become a rut. I’m taking steps so it won’t happen again but I’m wondering how others dealt with catching up on material after a long break or burnout.

Yea you’re right, it depends on the person. I guess I’m curious to what’s worked for others in the past.

My response simply implies “don’t take a long break”. It’s a waste of time and resources.
Put another way: 2 wrongs don’t make a right (taking a long break + searching for some miraculous prescription to compensate for it).
Do whatever is necessary to stick to it, or make a decision in time for other paths of life.

That’s fair enough, and never hurts to find out to give yourself more ideas.

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I don’t think anyone intends to burnout and I don’t think asking for strategies on how to recover from one is asking for a miracle.