Reset my FCC map

Hello all,
Is it possible to reset the FCC Map? I started a couple months back, but LIFE intervened. Things are back on track - except for my brain - I know I need to go back a ways into my map (about 2/3 done the Front End cert), so is there a way to reset the map?

Also, on a similar note, but slightly different direction, has there been any indication when the new beta curriculum will be official? (maybe it was announced but I missed it). I’m sort of wondering if I should continue/reboot the current curriculum or wait for the “new & improved” version.


I pretty much did the same thing. I just clicked back at the top on Getting Started and started clicking next.

One I did noticed it was in a different ordered that seemed to help me understand it slightly more than before. As you start going though the exercises your brain is start putting what you already learned together faster and like me started to retain more on the second path.


Hey Slick-Nick, I was thinking that too, but I tend to quickly glance at my old solution …

Great chance to see if you were a genius or go and say what was I thinking back then. Nothing wrong and looking. So many ways to get the same thing done.