Resetting the course?

I’ve been slacking in coding due to life circumstances , and need to basically start over.
If I reset the course, is it going to be entirely new content ?
And how would I reset the course?
I’m basically only interested in front end courses.

Thanks :grinning:

the course would be the same, but like if you never went through it

Thanks. Do you have any idea when it updates ? If at all?

Have you done the new Beta Version.

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The structure of the beta version encourages a more real life Design scenario, more like a Sim.

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The content that you have available when you reset your progress will be the same.

No I have not. How is the content different ?

And do you have a link or such to it?

Perhaps you’ve already seen it…

It’s a different format… It teaches line by line, and it creates a project.
I personally began coding by building things, so I am a fan… For some people, the format may feel unfamiliar…and more intensive…

It’s a good thing to do, after you’ve already passed the first HTML and CSS courses.

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Thanks, I will definitely start with that next.
Is the beta version also available for some of the other front end courses ? :grinning:

Not yet.

For backend, the new relational database just came out

By the time you reach that one, it will be out of beta.

The team is working hard to create newer project based versions of the javascript and front end libraries curriculums.

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Oke thanks , that makes it all the more worthwhile to start anew :grinning:

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