Resizing image for carousel

Hi ,
iam using image for carousel . height of my container div is 60vh;
what css i write to fit image in this container;
i tried object fit all properties:some of them croping image or making it smaller
i tried max-width:100% and height auto:only half image is showing
max-width:100% height:100%: :::: image is stretching
i tried to resize image in photoshop and set height 375px which is equal to 60vh
even then image looks stretch in browser and also quality is not good.
kindly help

Hi @Gurpreet_Singh, can you please share your code?

here it is–

@Gurpreet_Singh what do you want to do it’s not a good practice, you should resize the image, you can do it by changing the w and h in the url image parameter, but only a part of the bike will be displayed, I suggest you to center the image and decrease its size.