RESOLVED - Tribute Page Needs Some Feedback

I can’t get my CSS to show up. Can someone take a look and let me know?

Hi @CrissyCo,
The <style> </style> are for when your CSS is typed directly into HTML. In this case, since the CSS is separate from the HTML you can remove.

Also, you have .id-main but I think you meant to use #id-main.

Good luck as you keep learning!

Hi there CrissyCo,
Nice job, Great start.
From what I can tell all looks pretty good so far.
Comments by crjett01 are correct.

Also, was there a particular reason you chose to use the ‘margin-block/-inline’ properties over the usual margin-(top,right,bottom,left) properties. It looks like the margin prop you are using is in ‘experimental’ mode still and may not be supported by all current browsers.

Perhaps, your next steps might be to consider looking into some more styling by using some div’s and centering tech’s. It would allow you better visual appeal and ease of reading.

If you had multiple small img files, you could wrap all the imgs in a div container, make the imgs inline-block and have a scrolling img line accross the center of the screen.
There are lots you can do. Nice work so far.
Keep on reading, thinking, experimenting and learning!!

Welcome back @CrissyCo. Your page looks okay. Some things to revisit;

  • Keep the test script when forking the pen (<script src=""></script>). Your page passes 5/10 user stories.
    • You should also have the tests there when you submit the project.
  • There are two types of lists. An ordered list <ol> and an unordered list <ul>. Within each you have the list items <li>. Can you spot the typo’s in your code and correct them?
  • You may also want to think about aligning the text in your list to the left rather than centering it. It would be a lot easier for the human eye to read.