Resonsive Web Design: making an Image resonsive

I have completed the challenge several times but keeps telling me I need to add my max-width to 100%, which I have. I watch the video and even looked at the hint.
My code is as follows:

.responsive-img {
max-width: 100%;
display: block;
height: auto;

I keep getting it as wrong. please help.
Thank you

Your code so far

.responsive-img {
display: block;
height: auto;
img {
width: 600px;

<img class="responsive-img" src="" alt="freeCodeCamp stickers set">
<img src="" alt="freeCodeCamp stickers set">

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Challenge: Make an Image Responsive

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Hmm… your code worked for me. Maybe try refreshing?

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I have…but I am willing to try again (:

Refreshed page, restarted code, still getting an error saying I need to make my max-width 100%. I skipped it and moved on, however, I don’t like it not finished.

Hey @Awoolley,

  • Your code works fine for me. It looks like you are using the older version of Edge 44. I would recommend you to update to the new Edge, because it is built upon the Chromium Browser. Or you can just Use Chrome, it’s completely up to you :slight_smile:
    Here’s the links:

Chromium Edge:


Hope this helps, Remember to Stay Safe and Happy Coding!!:slight_smile:


Thanks. I will try that now.

that worked. Thank you. I never got anything asking me to update my mirosoft browser, so thank you.