Resource to learn programming as a no experience beginner

Don’t focus on the certificates.

Certificates are great for personal achievement but the real goal is what you can learn and build from the class.

That is going to mean more in the long run for success getting employment. :grinning:

Ok, sounds good. I’m gonna try and put the time and effort to really learn programming cause I’m liking it even tho iv struggled already and hopefully make a career out of it. Thanks for all your replies and advices, I really appreciate it!

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Hey, so iv been doing the cs50 course and i really enjoy however iv been thinking alot about the future after i finish the course and im not sure what to do. I would to get a good certification which is what my parents keep asking me to get and do. Anyone got an idea of a good course that results in a good certificate that i can do?

web development, or CS in general does not have official certifications. You can have a degree, or a certificate of completion of a bootcamp, or fcc certs, and there is not much those can offer if you don’t show what you can do accompanying your cv with projects that showcase what yoh can do

there are some companies that have certifications for their own technologies, which are useful if they are used in the job market you are interested in

that said, CS50 can give you a certificatw if you pay
fcc gives free certs

So its the knowledge you gain from these online courses that you can use to build your own portfolio and projects rather than a whole certificate showing what you completed?

Pretty much. For some courses there are certificates of completion, but those aren’t part of an official certification process.

Thanks i will make use of that.
I just have one more question and its about cs50. With cs50s introduction to Computer Science i feel like I’m struggling a lot with the problem sets and that the lecture doesn’t cover what’s in the problem sets and so the problem sets go beyond the lecture materials and im not sure what to do. Every time i try to get some insight by researching something about the problem set i end up finding the whole solution for the problem set and although i understand everything in that solution… i wasnt the one that did it. My question i guess is, is cs50 the best thing to take when you have no experience in programming? or should i put it on hold and start learning about C (language being currently used in the lectures and problem sets) and get more experience and then come back to the cs50 introduction to CS course?

cs50 challenges most people, including myself when I went through it.

The great thing about this course is that like FCC they have a huge community that can assist you with the problem sets.

I would suggest joining one of their communities and post questions there.
People are friendly and provide great assistance.

Cs50 teaches you how to problem solve and think like a computer scientist.

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Okay, Thank You!
Ill be sure to join and ask.