Resources for a web developer

I am nearly finishing the webdesign course and I want to ask for resourses
That will help me in that area as I am planning to take z path of a web developer.

a documentation website, like

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I think that the only resources that I use as starting places are MDN and freeCodeCamp. Other than that, I just google. I’ve been googling long enough that I can recognize some websites and/or article styles in the search results, but that’s just come from doing this for several years.


tldr: So in a way I’m saying just look up the basics and implement however you can. Don’t read much more than the actual docs and examples.

This seems to be unpopular opinion and may be incorrect but my learning type has taught me that:

  • Tutorials are mostly useless
  • Don’t watch more than 30’ of youtube a day (for learning).

And find using, but not learning coding stuff from:

  • The docs of the tool you’re using.

And learning to code by coding, or reading code. Being frequent in a forum helps a lot. Follow tags on Stack Overflow, or here. Etc.

And don’t worry about having precise knowledge, but being able to work with partial knowledge. Unless you doing cyber-security.

Also, as someone said, googling, or just searching is a great skill to train.
You’ll find yourself smiling if you filter in a forum and find the exact same question you had, but didn’t spend the time writing it out.

Besides documentation sites like mdn and Stack Overflow, is a good collection of html/css/js resources (rather than list a lot of those resources individually). I also use a lot when working with media queries. Coolors is nice for randomly generating a palette of colors.

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Responsive Image Breakpoints
I found this website really useful.

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