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Hi Campers,
Currently I’m at 91 points.What should be best practice to learn jquery apart from Free Code Camp

jQuery tutorial for beginners , by (Will Stern) on youtube,
jQuery tutorial for beginners by the Net Ninja, youtube.

A bit old, but I found this one super useful:

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rooooo…it looks amazing ! Can’t wait to watch it !

I wont comment on resources to pick up JQuery, as @timotheap has already listed to excellent resources. (Will is fantastic at anything JavaScript, especially node.js related technologies, Net Ninja is also fantastic, especially with design/css related learning) but rather I would ask you when you want to learn a new technology that you ask yourself a very specific question.

  1. What problem will learning this technology help me solve ?

What will learning JQuery solve for you?
Are you just learning it because you looked at google trends ? Because others say it’s popular?

There is literally a ton to learn in relation to web development, both in front and back end, so when deciding to pick up some new tool, make sure it will actually make you/your project better.

I know jquery is still popular and still has legit use cases, I’m not trying to knock jquery. What I am trying to emphasize is that jquery is alot less useful today that it was years ago. JavaScript has evolved enough that alot of jquery’s magic can now be done, natively, in javascript. Same for ajax requests, RX.js has made huge strides with observables and streams. Promises worked for about 5 minutes, but the point is there are now better tools that solve the problems JQuery used to solve. Just be sure you actually need to know JQuery to solve a current problem and not just learning it because you think it will look good on the ‘skills’ section of your resume or portfolio.

Not trying to criticize you or make you feel small because you wanted to check out jQuery, only giving you some advice I wish someone gave me. I invested 10 or so hours learning jQuery when I first started on this site. The 1 or 2 projects I used it in when I was extremely green could now be rewritten using other cheaper, faster, more efficient libs or vanilla es6/7 and transpile if necessary. If you want to know jquery or think you need it, by all means go HAM on those resources above. I personally have wasted tons of hours and hours, weeks even, learning technologies that didn’t help me solve a problem. I like to help people on these forums to avoid the mistakes I made.

Good luck, happy coding.

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Try this Interactive…jQuery Tutorial