Responsive Design Practice(Feedback Please)

Tried to take the advice from others on this forum about making my sites more responsive. I think they are coming together a lot better now. Take a look and give me some feedback.

@CydoEntis Your webpage is responsive. But here, when I changed the preview width to 750px this happened:

There are many space between the headers.

In the big screen your h1 elements size are different. But When I decrease the screen size they become same size.

The h1 elements colors are the same. h1 elements in the main element’s color doesn’t matter if they are same or not. But the h1 element in the header element’s and the h1 element in the main element’s color are same.
The focus of the user depend on the color of the text.

Color is one of the most common design considerations, in particular with defining different meaning to text. – Philip Zastrow

If you change the color of the h1 element in the header element your website will become better.

Hope This Help

Your page looks good @CydoEntis however I see this when narrowing;