Responsive Design problems

Hey everyone. So I was working with this code, tryna make it responsive and all. It works. But when it resizes the images mess up with the headings and paragraphs since they have a float property. Here and here are the links to the code I’m working on. I combined both files into one file with class names to separate the elements and media queries for the responsive section of the code. Everything works but since the div has float property, it interferes with the layout of the page. How do I stop that?


have you considered using CSS Grid? You can also wrap your elements in a ul element so that they will be grouped together. That way, style changes will affect all of them together.

I completely forgot about this post. It’s been so long… um okay. The code is a mess. It just looks so tiring to fix that. I wouldn’t code like that now. Um yeah I got your idea about grid. Since its a tutorial file it doesn’t matter much. I’m sure there is another file in CSS where I did the exact thing the right way. I hope.

Thanks though. Better late than never.