Responsive design still has me lost

I’ve learned a lot since I started FCC but I still can’t get responsive design down with bootstrap.
A camper suggested and I read over it but I’m still just not getting it.

I’m thinking I need a more visual aid of how it’s laid out, are their any in depth videos or tutorials on responsive design.

Look at the examples and explanations on this page.

As you’re looking at the examples, vary the width of your browser to see it in action.

you will get it eventually , try putting together some basic bs page first , no features or design just layout try to break it and put back together again, experiment more, when you see bs pages you like check whats inside, there are tons of tutorials on youtube too, there are examples in bs docs you can resize browser window to see how it works

The examples in this link are much easier to understand, I’ll go over this thanks.

Yea that’s great advice, I think I’m going to spend some time just organizing colored boxes for a visual aid.
Reading long blocks of text without a visual aid hasn’t been doing anything for me. I’m finding it difficult to layout out what I want in code without actually seeing it.

check out these videos.
bootstrap video
bootstrap videos
flexbox model

I love bucky, didn’t realize he had a whole series on this subject. Thanks.

If it wern’t for Bucky I don’t think I could have continued early on in my coding quest.